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Livv Investment welcomes the views of its customers and stakeholders about the service it provides. Comments, compliments and complaints help to ensure that the views and experiences of all customers and stakeholders are taken into account in the future develop of our products and services. Where appropriate these will also be acted upon. Positive and negative comments are therefore equally as valuable to Livv Investment.

Please note there is no appeal or complaint process in respect of the final decisions made by the Investment Fund Manager/Investment Committee on Loan/Grant applications.

Comments and compliments procedure

Any customers or stakeholders wishing to make comment on any aspect of FASI’s work should in the first instance do so verbally or in writing to the respective member of staff. If a formal response is required comments should be made in writing and a reply will be issued within 21 days.

Complaints procedure

Stage 1 – Investigation

Any customer or stakeholder wishing to make a complaint is encouraged to do so informally with the member of staff concerned. FASI will make every effort to resolve the complaint informally within 10 working days. Where this may take longer than 10 working days we will communicate with the complainant to provide an explanation and the timescale for a response. Where the complainant is dissatisfied with the response or unclear to whom the complaint should be addressed, Stage 2 should be followed. If the complaint is of a serious nature and requires a formal response Stage 2 stage two should be followed.

Stage 2 – Review and investigation

The complaint should be firstly made to the Investment Fund Manager (IFM) who will acknowledge the complaint within 10 working days and send the complainant a copy of the FASI complaint policy outlining the process. Where the complaint relates to the IFM the complaint should be addressed to The First Ark Group Investment Director (GD). Where the complaint is in respect of the Business Support Manager (BSM) it should be made to the IFM. The FA or GD may refer the matter on to the relevant staff member for a reply to be made within 20 working days.

Once the above process has been completed, if the complainant is still not satisfied and makes another complaint regarding the same issue, the First Ark Group reserves the right to make a note of this on the complainants file but not accept the complaint. We will take this step if the complaint has already been through the procedure and we have outlined the possible steps (if any) we can take in order to resolve the issue, or if the complainant does not wish to co-operate with the First Ark Group or if their demands are unreasonable.

The complainant may be assisted and accompanied by another person at any stage.

The time limit for all stages can be altered by mutual agreement.

Please download our complaints policy 

Complaints policy